Required plug-in / Richiede plug-in Java
(livescope and asix cam)


livescope liveapplet.jpg   

1. Camera Selection Bar

When multiple cameras are connected to the camera server, this dropdown menu can be used to select your camera of choice.

2. Zoom Scroll Bar

Used this vertical scroll bar to change the zoom ratio. Moving the slider up zooms in (telephoto) and moving it down zooms out (wide-angle).

3. Backlight Adjustment button

Compensates for backlighting. Useful when the video appears dark due to bright light behind the subject in the video. Click the button a second time to cancel this feature.

4. Panorama View button

Displays the pop-up panorama window. The panorama picture must have already been stored on the camera server, otherwise no picture will be displayed.

5. Camera Control Status Window

Indicates the status of the camera controls, i.e. "Camera controllable", "Camera not controllable", "Awaiting turn", and the "Remaining camera control time".

6. Start Control button

Used this button to request camera control privileges. You must first click the [Start Control] button in order to control the camera. 

7. Presets

Control the camera by selecting preset camera positions registered beforehand on the camera server.

8. Tilt Scroll Bar, Pan Scroll Bar

Tilt - Used this vertical scroll bar to change the camera tilt angle (up and down movement).

Pan - Use this horizontal scroll bar to change the camera pan angle (left and right movement).

By clicking on a point in the video you can move the center of the camera to that location. 

9. Snapshot button

Shows a snapshot of the currently displayed video frame in a separate window. The snapshot image can then be printed or saved. 




Blue Frame.

The blue frame indicates the area currently being photographed by the camera. When you are granted control privileges, this changes to a yellow frame.

Yellow Frame. 

You can control the camera pan and tilt by dragging this frame and zoom by resizing this frame.

By clicking: When you click on the panorama window, the camera pans and tilts so that the location you clicked on moves toward the center.

By dragging: When you drag inside the yellow frame on the panorama window to another position, the camera pans and tilts.

By dragging: When you drag the edge of yellow frame on the panorama window to change the frame size, the zoom ratio changes accordingly. 




control1.gifCamera is not controlled. 



control2.gif You have clicked the [Start Control] button and the camera server is being contacted. This display does not appear if the camera server responds immediately.


control3.gif Awaiting control privilege reservation. The number beside the person icon shows the estimated time until control privileges are granted. However, you may be granted control privileges before this number reaches "0" if other users cancel camera control or withdraw from the queue.


control4.gif You have been granted control privileges. The number beside the clock icon is your period of exclusive control.


control5.gif You can retain control privileges even though your period of exclusive control has expired. This is because there are no camera control requests from other clients.


control6.gif When the camera control status window turns red, you have either been disconnected from the camera control server, you could not connect to the camera control server at start-up, or your connection was not permitted.